Too young to be a mom? Well, I’ve asked that to myself also. Infact, been asking it for a million times.

          From the time I found out that I am pregnant at the age of 24, I’ve heard more than enough and believe me, it was more like an additional baggage aside from my soon to swell tummy. Too many issues plus too many bad comments. Am I too young? Is it about my face that tells them Im too young? Is it about my personality? Well, I act maturely at my age and been independent already but that’s too young for them. I have a stable job at the bank, I have my own savings and I’m sure capable of living my own. There are middle aged woman who has no work and no savings yet you think of them as ready for having a baby. Isn’t it funny when people based all things to happen in your age? I maybe too young as what they think but I’m never late to learn how to be a mom.What I need now is to  I strengthen my relationship to God to keep me going and stay away to all those stress and problems. After all, I write my own life. 

           God gave me this wonderful blessing and He believed in me. He believed that I can become a great mom for this little kid inside me. He believed in me, He choosed me, He blessed me and I will never fail Him. This was never  mistake, a surprise but never a mistake. I promised God to take care of this little one.

             And I kept my promise! NOW, I’m happy and proud that I’ve done it. I’ve became the best MOM in the best ways I could but the struggle was not that easy. It is the most difficult unpaid job yet all worth it.

             Most books will tell you how easy to be a mom but believe me, it’s not true at all. It is not always kisses and hugs moments; It is not always as planned; It is not as smooth as you might think. I think the best way to say it is – THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

              Those ugly moments, you will feel ugly most of the time like after you gave birth, you can’t have time for yourself. There was no ‘ME TIME’. I always cry myself at night whenever I look in the mirror. All I see was this lady with big circles and eyebags, uncombed hair for days, unclean face and body, untamed eyebrows and unfit body. I can not have an ordinary bath, the baby will only give me minutes. Worst is sometimes you can’t take a bath. After taking a bath, I can not comb my hair because the baby wants her Mommy and that’s me. I can’t choose properly my clothes. What I see first is what I wear. Then I see my friends posting their whereabouts with their faces, I got jealous. Ugh. The emotional anxiety after birth is slowly killing me.

              Aside from that, my baby is not as behaved as what the books will say. They say it will cry only once it wants to be feed but hey NO! My baby cries all the time. I will immediately raise my shirt then breastfeed him wherever and whenever he cries. Yes, wherever and whenever means you’re in the sofa with your visitors or you’re in a public place. I never imagine myself doing that but who cares, it’s my baby and he needs me.

               I seldom go out, I prefer to bond with my son. Whenever I go out, I have this huge bag which is very heavy and big. The more the better, indeed. The baby will poops and my world is crashed. The baby will cry, ofcourse it is normal but to some people  it is annoying so I have to soothe the baby. Sometimes the baby won’t stop crying so I am forced to go home early. Well, Mommy duties.

               Also, those eyebags? Its hard earned! You can’t sleep well knowing that you have a baby because the what ifs will never let you. What if the baby cries and you are asleep, what if the baby roll over and  can’t breath. All of the what ifs made my eyebags and dark circles never dying.

                I imagine myself kissing my baby at the cheeks and holding it near me, then boom, it cries or it poops or it pees all over you.

               But above all, they are still included for my best moments as a mother. I can proudly say I am a mom of this healthy and glowing baby boy. I enjoy watching him grow. He is very irresistable, like you want to kiss and hug him every minute. He is cute and he is just like me.You will cry as you witness his first crawl. You will laugh seeing his first tooth.Oh, you will laugh and cry even in silliest thing. You will definitely say the best blessing anyone could ever imagine.

                Im too young? No not at all. I will say I’m learning. Everday Im learning new things but I will never say I’m too young to be a mom.

                  I knew nothing at all first, like how to bath a baby, how to clean his navel, how to clean his nose and ears and everything. I remember one time that I cried so hard because my baby is crying and I don’t know how to ease his pain. Then I called my mom, and she told me to try puting ‘manzanilla’ on my baby’s tummy, and she was right. I never knew how to make puree and baby food, I never knew too many stuffs but it’s only a matter of being open mindedness. Open to learn new things because being a mom is a never ending process.

                    Everyone of us is being tested if you are ready for what life has to offer us. It maybe a new job, a new partner,lossing a loved one and maybe just like me, having a baby. You know, no one should judge you the way you handle your life unless you are stepping on them or do harm them in any ways. You can never be young nor too old in anything and guess what, I am not too young to be a Mom. Don’t be afraid of what others will tell you. Don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing you shatter in pieces. Remember that there is no perfect MOM, only MOMs who do their best.