Giantvia Daily Prompt: Giant

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I stood up inside this four corner,  not sure of what’s going on.  There’s this crowd and I’m not sure what it is. I went closser.  I saw a little girl.  My heart stopped for a second.  I walked away leaving a trace of teardrops in the room. It was too much for me.  My heart is not as strong like theirs.

I heard two women talking.  ‘Why did they let her see her mom inside the cofffin? She’s too young to witness it’, said the woman.

Yes,  I saw a young girl watching her mom inside the coffin. She stood there  just watching and I saw how she bravely composed herself not to tremble and cry.She was like 7 or 8 years old but how she managed to compose herself is a true bravery.  I looked around and all of them are crying except that girl. Noone bothered to hug her and I looked again,  there were even atleast 2 or 3 in pair yet they forgot to include the little one. Then I walked away.

I bravely interrupted the two women.

I said “How could you even say that,  that she has no right to see her mom even in her last moment? Have you seen how she managed to stay strong?  Have you seen how she fought not to cry eventhough everyone does?  Have you seen her looked for comfort?  There was none because everybody is busy with someone. I hoped instead of saying like that,  you pay you respect to the family without critisizing them”.  Then I walked away and went back to the crowd.  I straightly went beside the little one and hugged her.  I tapped her back and kissed her forehead.  And say “Don’t held back little one. It’s okay to cry. ”

She cried so loud that all of them turned to us.

“You were brave earlier.  Your the littlest giant I have known.”