It is okay cry. You are still the littlest giant I have known


via Daily Prompt: Giant

I stood up inside this four corner,  not sure of what’s going on.  There’s this crowd and I’m not sure what it is. I went closser.  I saw a little girl.  My heart stopped for a second.  I walked away leaving a trace of teardrops in the room. It was too much for me.  My heart is not as strong like theirs.

I heard two women talking.  ‘Why did they let her see her mom inside the cofffin? She’s too young to witness it’, said the woman.

Yes,  I saw a young girl watching her mom inside the coffin. She stood there  just watching and I saw how she bravely composed herself not to tremble and cry.She was like 7 or 8 years old but how she managed to compose herself is a true bravery.  I looked around and all of them are crying except that girl…

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